A letter to my mother....

*As a warning or disclosure, please know this isn't a sweet warm letter. It can be a little shocking at times. I don't want to hurt anyone, but it needed to be done.

To my mother,

When I was a baby, I was told that you wanted me more than anything. It has been told, that you cherished every moment you had with me. That you were such a good mom, taking care of your first born baby, so lovingly, and carefully. I, of course, have no memory of it.

I do remember, as I got a little bit older, how you would hold my hand as we walked down the street. You would brush my hair after a bath and pin my hair into spiral curls overnight, so that in the morning I would have the perfect "Cindy Brady" curls. I remember how you would kiss me goodnight, hug me to let me know how much you loved me. I never doubted your love, never once, when I was growing up.



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