A Letter To Victoria's Secret - From A Real Woman

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Dear Victoria's Secret,

Last night while millions of people all over the world tuned in to watch scantily clad naked women walk your run-way in the name of fashion, I was not, nor will I ever be one of them.

While I realize that my absence will neither alter the course of history nor will it even minutely effect the millions brought in by your almost nude lust parade, there is a long list of reasons I find it highly offensive and morally deplete to parade under-fed, over-paid, so far from the truth female bodies in front of an entire world.

And while many would argue that those who witness your constant barrage of over-sexualized advertising choose to feast their eyes on images of live women as if they are merely manikins that move, there are many innocent ones who never got the chance to choose.

Like four days ago when I watched my seven year old little boy's eyes lock onto the image of the nearly naked female, leaned over, exposing almost all of her double D sized breasts and size 0 waist, plastered on every angle of the front and side glass of one of your stores. The one so appropriately positioned directly next to the children's carousel, candy machines and ice-cream store of a local mall.

Oh you're good.

In all honesty, I wanted to run over and undo all that you had just stolen in a moment's time. But unfortunately, even this little boy's mom didn't get that choice. Unfortunately the human eyes are like cameras with memory cards that can never be erased. What has been seen can never been un-seen again.

And at seven tender years of age, this permanently captured moment in one of your lavish photography studios somewhere, equipped with perfect lighting, fans, make-up artists and Photoshop - was painted a distorted picture of true womanhood to a seven year little boy who still rides carousels and builds super-heroes made of Legos.

But then again, that's the kind of stuff you count on.

What breaks my heart even more is that this will likely be only the first of many more invitations for a growing boy to learn about womanhood and sexuality from an entire culture who blindly goes right along with big name industries like you who have arrogantly turned the female body into an over-sexualized object, rather than the living, feeling, valuable human being she is.

And all I wanted to do was apologize for you...

To my husband who will likely never go to bed with anything that resembles the perfection you have relentlessly shoved in front of his eyes since he was a boy.

To the man that all too soon, my own sweet seven year old little boy will become. And that he won't get to choose who or when his innocent eyes first behold the real beauty of a woman, the one all his own.

To my eight year old daughter and the young girl my son will fall in love with and marry someday and the assured constant evaluation of her post-birth body as she becomes increasingly aware of her inability to compete with the decades of culturally force-fed, half-starved, air-brushed images in her husband's head. She will struggle to make peace with that, while he will fight to have eyes for her alone.

And to every fifteen year old girl who stood in front of her bedroom mirror last night after watching your show, long after the bright lights had gone out, scrutinizing every square inch of her young body and wondering why she doesn't measure up to the role models for womanhood you set before her.

I get it.

I get that sex sells and that millions of women get to "feel better" about themselves by wearing over-priced clothes with your advertizing label on them. And that all of that works out good for you. But what I find to be incomprehensible and downright nauseating is that I get to raise up a new generation of young people in a nation that promotes and celebrates companies like you. One in which obviously values money over decency and human value. Ones that UN-ashamedly lie to en entire world by publically and boldly extorting the sacred value of womanhood, reducing the female form to a real life staging area to buy and sell goods.

Well Victoria's Secret,

Yeah, I'm just a little pissed.

Truth is, you don't do anything to promote real womanhood. In fact, I can't think of anything more degrading and demoralizing to it.  We are SO much more than sex objects and advertising props. And you certainly could never do true manhood any lasting favors.


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