Letting go of a good regular client.

If you've been in this industry for any length of time, then you've experienced the unfortunate experience of loosing a good client. And although the reasons may go largely unknown, it is still none the less a humbling experience. These experiences alone are some of the reasons why I keep my emotional attachments to clients at a minimum. Now don't get me wrong, this is not to suggest that I'm cold or distant to my men because that will NEVER be an option that I'll consider, but at the same time having to remember that most of my clients are married men who may not be available on a consistent basis. But when you have a regular client with whom you see on a regular basis then all of a sudden he disappears, it always leave you scratching your head in Wonderment.

Take a past good regular of mine for instance; I'll call him "Steve". Steve had been a regular of mine for about a year and a half. He'd come and see me at least once a week, then afterwards we go to Bandana's BBQ and share a slab of ribs. He was an amazingly generous person who showered me with gifts every chance he got. I even bought him an expensive watch for his birthday that he absolutely ADORED. I've shared just about everything about my personal life with him, from my parent's 30 year marriage, to my finances. He knew everything there was to know about me....the real me.

And just like most of my clients, he constantly showered me with compliments which meant more to me than the gifts. He'd email me at least once a week to keep me updated on the progress of his daughter who was trying to adopt a baby with her husband. Every triumph for his family was like a triumph for me. He was so looking forward to being a grandpa and listening to him go on about the possibilities really brought me joy.

Then one day I get a referral request from another escort that he wanted to go see. And although a little bit of me was slightly heartbroken, I gave my approval with a smile. A week after he'd seen the escort I gave the approval to, he called and said how much he missed me and he'll see me soon. That was the last I'd heard or seen of him, and that was well over 7 years ago.

I've never been a naive nor jealous woman, but one has to wonder about the complexities of "friendships" in this industry. Are they true, can they be seen as a reliable source of camaraderie? Or should I just view my clients as just that, clients. It's a really tough call because so many of my clients make such a good impression on me, that it's hard for me not to feel the slightest bit of affection for them.

I guess in the end it's much better to have had great memories of a past client, then to not have any at all.



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