letting go of the hurt

I'm trying so hard to push this past Saturday into a bag and forget about it.  I started with trying to be normal Karen last night, cracking jokes, but talking about normal things when there isn't an elephant in the room is really hard!  

But I forgive him, and since I know him so well I understand why he did it.  I don't understand why he didn't tell me what he was doing, but I'm going to let it slide and dismiss it.  Letting go is easier said than done, but I am hoping that writing about it helps.  It certainly lightened my load last evening when I blogged about the incident and got some words of wisdom from friends on my livecloud blog.  They told me to let this one slide since the weekend was so emotional and I was exhausted and to rest up.  Sleeping in my own bed, a few xanax and a box of Thin Mints certainly helped.  :)  I also really believe if I act like nothing is wrong, eventually I will feel that way because I'm a total believer in "if you think it, you live it".    

I'm sorry I didn't share the rant here, but since everything you blog is open to the public on blogher, airing my emotions here could have been read by friends and family and misunderstood.  I've got levels of privacy on livecloud, and sometimes I need that.  I am very fond of you girls here on Blogher, and will gladly friend you on livecloud.  I love our chatter and reading your blogs.  Making new friends with you all is a post blogher11 gift.  Cathy, I got you friended, thanks for coming over.  

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