Letting Our Kids Believe Misconceptions... for Awhile

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[Editor's Note: Kids view the world differently than we adults do. As parents, we sometimes let them believe things that aren't true (think Santa Claus), sometimes we correct them and sometimes they catch us off guard with what they believe about certain situations. Rachel at Grasping for Objectivity recounts some recent conversations with her four-year-old that make you laugh, make you sad and make you think. -Jenna]

The Misconceptions of Childhood:

Plastic shopping carts.However, those carts aren’t great for babies, so I explained, “We can’t get a gymnastics buggy right now, because I don’t have anywhere to put Noah. He’s not old enough to sit on the seats yet.”

“Oh. Well, when Noah goes back to his family, can we get Gymnastics Buggies again?”


“Uh, baby…we ARE Noah’s family. He’s not going anywhere.”

**shocked crickets**

“Six months and you still thought Noah was going to go home eventually?"

“Well, he’s going to get married and go live with his family, right?”

“Yes, but probably not until after you do.”

Continue reading for some other examples of the misconceptions we let our children believe.

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