Letting Your Kids Choose Everything for a Day

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I've thought about how many choices my husband and I make for our kids, day in and day out. We let them pick lunch foods, but dinner is our domain. Where we go. What we do. Who is in and out of our life on any given day. It's probably really freaking annoying!

When I read this post by Sarah at These Powers of Mine, I had a light-bulb moment. The concept of a "Chooseday" -- a day in which your child gets to choose any/everything you do all day -- seems like a fun way to learn about your kiddo. I think we might try it sometime soon. Read on to see how theirs went. Have you ever tried it?


Allegra's sockI realized after the storm passed that this was a week of very few choices for my girl. We were more scheduled than normal, more cooped up because of the heat, and we happened to play host to friends on three separate occasions, which meant that we were home more but also less free to make messes and wallow in them like we usually do.

So on Thursday night when I put her to bed, I told Allegra that the next day would be Allegra Choose Day (or Chooseday, as we later dubbed it). She was in charge. We would do what she wanted (within reason, I told myself, but didn’t say this to her). As I kissed her goodnight she told me “Target. I want to go to Target tomorrow.”

And a Chooseday we had. It kind of terrified me, not knowing what we’d be doing, which is revealing and also not surprising.

Read on to see what they did all day... some of it is surprising!

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