Designing Your Signature Kitchen with the LG Studio Collection

  • Nate Berkus and LG Studio – The Perfect Match
    • As the artistic advisor to LG Studio, Nate Berkus brings his celebrated style to LG’s premium line of kitchen appliances. LG Studio and Nate share a passion and commitment to living with what is well thought out and well designed, without sacrificing personality. Nate’s unique skill set complements LG Studio’s plans to continue delivering premium appliances built with sophistication and functional elegance in mind.
  • Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference.
    • Blogher and LG Studio asked 35 bloggers to share how they’ve changed the look and personality of their kitchens with just a few simple  (and smart) tweaks. Check out their inspiring posts and Pinterest boards, and something tells us you’ll have plenty of “kitchen-awakening” ideas of your own to share.
  • Win a Kitchen Makeover by Nate Berkus.
    • Close your eyes, and imagine your kitchen totally transformed by Nate Berkus and filled with LG Studio appliances. It’s the ultimate dream kitchen…and it could be yours when you enter LG Studio’s “MY KITCHEN NEEDS NATE” contest.  Thank you for your interest. This sweepstakes has ended.

Designing Your Custom Kitchen

We bought our home for the beautiful, tranquil setting. I'll admit, I have had some moments that I just wanted to pack up and buy a new home so I could enjoy some modern updates, but the task of selling and buying a new home is overwhelming....more

Design your signature kitchen with LG Studio appliances...

I love everything we've done to our house, and I really love all of the work and changes we've done to our kitchen. It's been something that has come together over time as we could afford it. ...more

Kitchen Style: LG Studio Appliances + Contest

We're getting closer to moving into our new place. And though we originally had chosen a house that needed quite a bit of work, the one we've ended up with is relatively move-in friendly; however, this doesn't mean we can't still have fun tweaking it to our personal tastes. ...more

My Kitchen Needs Nate Contest {and} Designing Your Signature Kitchen with LG Studio

See that photo up there? That's a sneak peek into my kitchen. A quaint, white space with peeling cupboard coating and the occasional dish or nine in the sink. I spend hours in that space everyday. ...more

Design Your Signature Kitchen + A Chance to Meet Nate Berkus!

What is it with women and kitchens? We love them. We love looking at different counter tops, back splashes, sinks, appliances, floors, lighting, table settings, etc. etc. etc. There are TONS of Pinterest boards out there specifically designed for kitchens. ...more

Designing A Kitchen with LG Studio and Nate Berkus

It's no secret that I want a different kitchen :) Well, scratch that...I want my kitchen to look different. I'm happy with the layout of my kitchen--love it, in fact. I'm just not too happy about the look and feel of it and I know that it is small changes that can definitely change the look of a kitchen--...more

Kitchen Dreaming with LG Studio

We moved into our new house a few months ago, and while the kitchen was already in fairly good shape, there are a few aesthetic, storage, and general flow issues we'd love to address--and soon, if possible. New high-end appliances, too--that would be pretty awesome. We're on a tight budget, but hey, this is about dreaming! ...more

The Quest for a New Fridge and a Smart Kitchen

Once upon a time, my husband and I bought a pretty new refrigerator. It met all of our needs and even had a fancy ice maker (quite the improvement from the fridge we had in our college apartment, let me tell you!). Our pretty new refrigerator fit perfectly into our pretty little home. ...more

What Does Your Dream Kitchen Look Like?

What does your dream kitchen look like? Mine can be all across the board from dark & rustic to shabby chic to sleek & modern. I collect eclectic inspiration regularly (on Pinterest) & wanted to share some of those ideas with you...feel free to share your ideas in the comments too! ...more

Inspiration for Our Kitchen Remodel

But a limited budget drove many of our design choices – we went with builder-grade flooring, countertops, lighting and appliances (with the plan to change those out someday), and we invested in upgraded maple cabinets that are (thankfully) still in great condition! ...more