A little kitchen update

One of my biggest dislike about our house from the get go was the kitchen. I love the lay out and the fact that I can be cooking or working in the kitchen while I entertain people in my family room. It's the cabinets that kill me. ...more

Designing your signature kitchen

Our home was an existing new built and we truly fell in love with the kitchen. With that being said, and after living here for 8 years now, there are definitely elements in the kitchen I would change, and perhaps someday down the line some of these wishes will come true....more

Building My Dream Kitchen with LG Studio

Three years ago my husband decided to leave his job, and start his own business. It was SCARY beyond belief, but it's something he has always wanted to do, so of course I supported his decision. To make things a little easier for everyone, we moved out of our large home, and found the most adorable 3 bedroom, 1913 cottage not far from Ian's shop. ...more

Kitchen Inspirations from LG Studio

I'm constantly looking for inspiration to continue to make it better, as it is the room that people admire most when they visit and it's where I plan on doing most of my entertaining. I love spending hours on Pinterest and at various furniture and design stores to draw ideas from or to just dream about my ideal kitchen....more

10 Small Changes to Create a Signature Kitchen

A great way to compile the ideas you might have, is by creating an inspiration board. Many of the ideas I used, as well as the changes I want to add in the future are included in the following inspiration board....more

Designing A Dream Kitchen

While we have our kitchen mainly finished in our home, we are constantly thinking about other homes' kitchens for potential home flips. It is so fun letting our minds be on a constant roll of ideas. It's also nice knowing that we can achieve a lot of different styles in a kitchen, while still having them be appealing to many.  ...more

LG Studio and Nate Berkus

i think you know already how i love designing kitchens. i love thinking about them & changing them in big and small ways. I was asked to take part in a promotion with LG Studio called "DesigningYour Signature Kitchen."well... yes please! ...more

Six Ideas To Inspire Your Signature Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It's the room where we cook, where we spend time with our families and the room where lots of memories are made. The kitchen should reflect your personality and style - but kitchen renovations can be very expensive, so many people put them off and make do with kitchens that just don't quite feel like home. ...more

Designing the Ideal Kitchen with LG Studio Appliances and Nate Berkus

Since my passion for baking turned into a food blogging career, I tend to spend a lot of time in my kitchen. I cook dinners for the family from scratch everyday and bake a ton for the blog. When you use your kitchen space so often, you learn its advantages and faults....more

My Signature Kitchen - Inspired by LG Studio

By now, many of you have heard the story of our Lemon Tree Dwelling and all the work we put into it when we moved in 3 years ago. There wasn't a room in the house we didn't transform - some, simple with paint and pillows, and others, with everything from new counter tops and sinks to new floors, windows, and doors. ...more