LG's Roll Up TV

Just when you think that they've thought of everything, they come up with something new. According to Twitter, LG has come up with a new invention, one that honestly I never thought we could see. Let alone, be in the age of. But, there is a new TV that actually rolls up! Just think abour a fruit rollup. Yeah well, it rolls up just like that. You can take it with you wherever you want to. 

It is made up of OLED panels and can be rolled up within 2 inches and it won't effect the image! Crazy, right? 

Now this, is definitely a bright invention. Very interesting and I am fascinatedby the idea. But, I guess that I'm kind of curious. We've got so man different ways to view TV. We've got the iPads and Laptops. We can find out what's going on, by checking phones and we can connect the Nooks to Facebook and all oher sources of social media. We've already go more than enough ways to keep ourselves connected. So, I must say that I'm trying to figure out how neccessary this is.

Now, don't get me wrong. I definitely love new and innovative inventions. I think that they are terrific and it's great to see people thinking outside of the box. But, sometimes we've got to think about what's already here. We're already so attached to our technology, that when something goes wrong, our day is ruined. If we're in a location where reception is bad, we're pretty much aggravated with the world. We hate it when our internet freezes up and when Facebook or Twitter locks up on us. We hate it, when our phones refuses to spell correctly for our texts, facebook posts and tweets. 

So, the question in my head, is this. Do we really need another technological distraction? I mean, do we really need another device to become insanely dependent on? I think that this will be interesting and it will do well. I'm sure of it. And I know the technological era is only going to increase over time.  I just think we already have enough to keep us on our toes. And technology that is hot now, will replaced by something hotter, later.

I look forward to seeing what comes up later, but I can't help but think, that we're getting even more reliant on technology. And it's becoming more difficult to see ourselves without technology ever again. I mean, the Bible says , that we'd become weaker and wiser. It's true. We're becoming wiser in the way of brilliance and innovation. New ideas and great utilization. But, the ways we're becoming weaker, is because we're becoming more and more indolent and reliant on the equipment.  It's not to say that people don't work hard. It's hard work to create this technology.  And this is our future. It's a great field to get into. I just can't help but be concerned about it. 

What do you think about it? What do you think about the Roll-up TV? Feel free to comment.


For more information on The Roll Up TV, log onto http://www.mashable.com/2014/07/11/lg-display-rollable-tv/?utm_medium