Libby With a 'Y'

"The Many Musings of a Traveling Mommy"

I LOVE TO WRITE THIS BLOG!   This blog discusses many contemporary topics in a light-hearted way, filled with humor and enthusiasm for life lived to the fullest.  

It includes parenting, traveling with kids, recipes, gardening, and the humor found in the everyday craziness of life.  Since I am a freelance writer, I include my published articles as well.  (I could not figure out how to add "Life Blogs" while still checking "Family Blogs.")

As a freelance writer, I write a "traveling with kids" column,  a cooking column, and a column of essays, "Views From the Cul-de-Sac."  My many writing clips are at

I would LOVE to have my blog included on BlogHer.

Thank you for your consideration.