Library of Twitter?

So this is not new news, but at least it's recent news. That's saying something for me. Although I must give full credit to The Mr. because without him, I'd basically know nothing current or relevant. Partially, it's his job. No, really. It's a sweet gig in a way, he basically monitors media. Normally most of his monitoring is related to all things accounting, but other things strike his desk too. On top of that, he's generally just a genius, okay, well maybe just really, really smart.

Did you go read it? No? Well, go do it. I'll wait.

Back? Good.

First I'll say wow. I didn't even know that the Library of Congress was involved in anything but old dusty documents. I had no idea that they were recording stuff off the net. Not. A. Clue. Told you I live under a rock.

Second. I'm only half on board with the whole Twitter deal. I do have an account. I follow a few things for the information and a few simply because it's like instant pop culture without having to read those check out aisle magazines or watch those bad, bad entertainment shows on late, late night TV.

I don't send Tweets often. I've been thinking about it a lot this week though, perhaps that article got my mind going. I found I was spending a little bit of energy and time thinking about whether or not something was worthy of being a Tweet. Yeah, it's a lame life. So anyway, I kept thinking, while although I think I'm seriously funny, a lot of the people that follow my Tweets are not people that I actually know in real life, thus making my Tweets a whole lot less funny. They are blog "friends". Now, there is nothing wrong with that and certainly that is a part of the game most bloggers play. You know the one, up my hits, get more comments, become super popular. Don't lie, if you blog, you at least entertain the idea once in a while, you know you do.

So when I'm thinking something would be a funny or cute Tweet, I often stop mid-text and think, yeah, but. What I realize is that my Tweet would only be funny or cute in the context of actually knowing my family, knowing me, live. That leads me to delete my Tweets. Sigh. I guess I just don't think highly enough of my own chatter to subject others too it.

And now, there's added pressure. The Library of Congress is recording all of them. Now, I'm not so narcissistic to think that someone would actually look up my Tweets one day, but I do feel a bit guilty that my chatter would be taking up space in The Library of Congress. I mean, really now. That's a bit over the top. Even for me.

Back to my reluctance to Tweet, and perhaps I should apply this to my Face Book habit as well, I do harbor a little bit of a what if factor. Should I actually pull it all off and one day get some books in print, that could lead to a child one day doing a lame book report on something I wrote, there by forcing him to look up information about me, the author. I have this mental image of some 2nd grader looking me up online and finding Tweets that say things like: "Wow, what I day. I need to sell the kids and have a bottle of wine."; or "I'd really like to skewer a certain social worker right now." or "Why do I keep finding naked Barbies in the boys' room?" See, it just wouldn't be good. I'd be scaring way more than just the people in my immediate life.

I'm not being clear here. I can feel it. The thing is, generally Tweets are pretty irrelevant, even worse than Face Book status' and seriously, I know I abuse that thing. I'm always leaving a comment, it's cause I'm wordy and chatty friends, but you already knew that. In the Face Book vein, sorry I fill up your walls with my chatter and there are no hard feelings if you have me on hide. I totally get it.

But Tweets and The Library of Congress? It sincerely just seems like too much. It's going to be like the sewer of Internet mind vomit. I think I'll hang on to my account for now, but I'm really going to try hard to keep it short and Tweet.

Yeah, I know. I just couldn't help myself


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