The Lie Behind It All

       You know, it was the religious people that gave Jesus the hardest time while He was here on earth. It was the people that held positions to uphold Gods law to the tee, that couldn't recognize... EMANUEL, God with us when he was right in front of them. In fact, they were the very ones that plotted his death and paved the way for his crucifixion. Grinning at their success and patting themselves on the back for a job well done, I'm sure. All the while, not realizing they were no more in control than any of us ever are or will be. But, their evil was actually used in the hands of God to bring freedom and redemption for all. Despite what it was intended to do. The very thing they hated Jesus for, was the very thing their evil accomplished for all.

       The Church in many ways has been one of my biggest advisories during my walk with the Lord. They have at times caused me tremendous pain and confusion, when I was already dealing with more than my fair share of life. Praise God that no matter what, the Lord gave me a heart to follow him and him alone. Because if he hadn't of given me a heart to follow only him, I wouldn't be here today still spreading the Gospel. My point is not to point fingers at the church here. Many churches have done great things in the name of the Lord and I Praise God for that! Through a very religious movement; whom shall remain nameless, the Lord showed me the truth even in all this. 

       I was watching this protest that was going on from a church group that apparently made a habit out of this in various places around the United States. One of the protestors was being interviewed and was asked the question, “If they felt that they would go to heaven?” The girl responds with this, "I hope that God would find me worthy enough to go to heaven." There it was! The lie, that was behind it all. My heart began to break for her and the Lord began to speak to my heart, see.... They are just as lost and have no idea who I am. They can't let anyone off the hook because they are not off the hook in their own lives. They were religious in all aspects, that they knew the law to the tee. All because they didn't know nor had their own personal relationship with Jesus. They were just as lost and bound as the people they were protesting. Isn't that sad, the lies we believe that rob us years and understanding of who God really is? They believe the lie that salvation is in their own might and power? That although they held everyone else to the law, they more than anybody else held themselves to it as well. They are the real prisoners in this situation! 

       In this moment I would like to speak to those people who have been hurt by a church. I want you to know I’ve been there. I’m sure I’ve been on the other end of that sentences myself, unknowingly hurting people because I didn’t know the truth in the situation. But, I've learned that people will hurt us and disappoint us, even church people. But, I pray that I would be a person that would press beyond the outer surface of what's going on and get to the root of the problem. which is the "LIE" behind it all. I pray that I be that person that would expose the lie behind it all, to set the captive free. I pray that I would be that person, because if that was me. I would pray someone would do that for me. Love y’all.




Father, I thank you for the truths that you teach us. I thank that you then turn around and send us out with that truth to set others free. You are so good. Father, help us to see beyond all the distractions that mess with our flesh and help us to see the lie behind it all. I know those people who are religious and act like that, trying to imprison others in their process are hard to deal with. But, I pray that you would drive deep within us the desire to set the captives free above all else. We do not fight against flesh and blood. Help us to remember that. Help us to forgive those who have hurt and wronged us within the church. Help us to pray for them as if it was us. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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