Lie to me, so I can believe you

I came across a editorial about cloning while doing research for a post on food irradiation.  It leads off with

While Dolly lived a painful, arthritic life and died prematurely, possibly due to the imperfections of cloning,...

I am all for people being able to make choices about their food. If
it is the right choice, fear and misinformation are not needed.

The article leads off with the widespread myth that Dolly suffered
because she was a clone.  Truth is she had arthritis because she lived
on concrete, in a display barn. She died of the same respiratory
infection that killed many other animals in her barn, none of which
were clones. The other sheep cloned at the same time have lived (and I
believe some are still living) a normal, productive life on pasture,
including lambing.

I have a question for the authors: If you so blatantly publish
things that are not true, why should I believe any of what you write,
in particular over what is published by the FDA?