This is my first blog, but you probably already knew that. Well, I guess to start off, you need to know a little about me. I am a highschooler in a little town in South Carolina. I have about 5 friends I can trust in a school of about 1500 kids. I'm not unpopular, per say, but I don't trust the other people. I get made fun of by some, hated by many, and unknown to almost all. My dad is from Honduras and my mom is from Arkansas. Neither had completed school up until about two years ago. They've always wanted the best for me and my sisters. But by wanting the best for me, they have forced me into becoming a "nerd". I get laughed at for making straight As in honors classes with a very high chance of graduating in my junior year. Sometimes, I just hate the pressure I get from everywhere. My parents want me to be perfect, go to school to be a doctor, and have a perfect little family. My friends want me to fit in more, go to the parties and have a boyfriend. And of course, pressure by the guy I'm head over heels for to have sex. I don't think I can take all this pressure. I'm cracking. I want to give in to  the peer pressure. I want to be a normal kid. I wonder what my family would say? Would they be dissappointed or would they have suspected it living in the shadows of my nearly perfect sisters? Maybe, just maybe, I want to see their faces when I do finally break down and give in to my friends, and him.


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