my name is claire, i'm a 27 year old single mum from the uk. life for myself and my 9 year old son is really hard, 6 years ago i could not have been happier i was in a relationship and pregnant with my second child, sadly at my 20 week scan we were told our son was ill and would die if not before then not long after he was born. we were offered a termanation but we could not go through with it so we went on with the pregnacy sadly our fab little boy jamie died 10 days before his due date, he was stillborn on the 31st october 2006, after we burried our boy thing between myself and my partner were strained so i was staying with my mum and dad. on the 27th november 2006 just 4 weeks after we lost our son, my mum came in and woke my at around 3am she told me the police were their and needed to speak to me, when i came down i new instantly it was about my partner they explained he had hung himself and he'd been taken to hospital, they took me to be with him as soon as i seen him i new we had lost him spent three days by his bedside although the doctors advised their was nothing more they could do i prayed for him but sadly on the 29th november 2006 he past away,

now 6 years on i have started having panic attacks and find it hard to be alone sometimes, i worry about my son hes 9 i dont like him seeing me when am in a bad way, i am in therapy at the moment which seems to be helping really want to be myself again

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