"Life is about sowing.  Reaping is only that you have more to sow with."

(Happy Musings is a newspaper feature syndicated by King Features that I create each day to remind us all that “Life is wonderful!”  I offer it here to brighten your day.  Please share it with your friends.)  HMT20061208 We are always sowing – planting, planting, whether it’s with thoughts, words or deeds.  Especially at this time when there seems to be great shifts in people’s lives, people are sowing.  Circumstances have changed for many, so efforts are now being made in new directions, new plantings.   

Yep, we all have our little gardens that need tending.  And when we have reaped the harvest, we can share again by sowing in other ways. 

My small gallery in La Jolla is constantly evolving.  We change the emphasis from large, fine art pieces of art to Oriental pieces to the small gift pieces.  It all depends on what the customers are looking for.  And if no one is looking at the moment, I teach.  We are flexible here and try new things.  We spread good feeling in all of it. 

Today a South African woman came in.  She had been attracted by a Tibetan Buddha painting in the window.  She was not interested in the Buddha she said because she was a Christian, but she was interested in the other Chinese paintings.  She said she came in because of the feeling.  That’s the thing we have to keep in mind when sowing – the feeling.  If it’s something new we try, make sure we love it.  If it’s something we already do, make sure we do it with love.  That’s the best kind of sowing and then you know you will be reaping the same.   



“Life is wonderful! Don’t forget it.” 

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