Life After Graduation

In high school, I remember counting down the days and the years along with my classmates until we graduated. We were only kids, waiting for a bit of freedom after graduation. After high school, I continually thought of graduation from university. I felt like there was this constant rush to graduate, to get that Bachelor’s degree and get a job. Now all that is over and here I am with all this freedom that I’ve been working for all these years. I live in America where a person can do or be anything they want. I have all these choices, all these opportunities. I like to do so many things. I love to write, draw, paint, design, code, bake, blog. And I can do it all. I don’t need to decide on one thing. I can try all things and see where it takes me, all the while discovering who I am and creating my own story, my own life’s story.

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