Life after Travel

Travel changes you, I am pretty certain anyone who has traveled the world would agree!

Since the first time I started traveling I saw things differently, my perception of life changed.

Traveling is a HUGE eye opener! Leaving my home country of Canada and traveling to some countries where a person’s monthly income is the amount I just spent on a coffee or a family of 8 has 1 pound of rice to share between each other… for a week!!

You never really know what is out there in the world until you explore it, some of it is really really sad but I think it’s important to see it all; it truly gives you a new perspective of your own life.

Traveling gives you so much knowledge, it’s very rewarding!

Now when I travel I feel a strong need to do what I can to help, even the small things help. I brought school supplies with me on my trip to the Dominican Republic which was a pretty great experience! :) Doing something is better than doing nothing at all! :)


Travel, just go… Do it!!

I swear you will never regret it!


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