The life of a boring blogger

I am a boring blogger, I have no teen angst, family drama or anything newsworthy going on in my life. Being lesbian isn't dramatic, just domestic with my spouse and our pets. Being a Witch isn't dramatic because no, I am not Samantha Stevens or from Charmed or any of those other Hollyweird shows. I do not kill live anything for sacrifices (ew) nor do I worship Satan (Can't worship what you don't believe in) but I do have a fondness for Santa.

I don't travel since that costs a butt load of cash and I am disabled and on social security. I do however look at a lot of places via Google. I don't do wild art or write poems to my vagina, but I do write and I crochet bags, cell phone cases and blankets. I also live for my computer. It is my connection to the world and my best friend in Texas where I am from. (Skype...get it)

So you see my readers (All none of you) I am a boring blogger.

“The wailing owl screams solitary to the mournful moon.” ~ David Mallet


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