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Welcome to BlogHer's Inspiration to Fitness! Katherine and I are very excited to be blogging every week to challenge you to make a positive change to your eating. We'll be setting each of the challenges based on the most serious nutrition issues we see every day. They include lack of fruits and veggies; too many added sugars and sweeteners; reliance on meals eaten out or prepared away from home; and the shortfall of fiber and how to get real about what’s a portion.

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At Appetite for Health, “Where Nutrition Pros Eat Their Own Words,” we focus on progress, not perfection. We believe that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to achieving a healthier relationship with food and helping our readers find what works best for them. We don’t adhere to or promote specific diets (low-carb, high-carb, vegan, Paleo, Zone, etc), but we work with our readers to help them figure out their lifestyle, likes and dislikes -- so that they can make changes to their eating that are sustainable for life. We’re not about a diet that you go on and off of, but we want you to find an eating style that you stick with for life.

So over the next eight weeks of Inspiration to Fitness, we’ll be giving you a specific nutrition goal for the week. For example, one week the goal will be to cook 80% of your meals and snacks. During that week, we’ll be coaching you along with recipes we’re making ourselves, shortcuts to health in the kitchen and menu plans. Each week will bring a new challenge -- but each is to be done in addition to the previous week’s challenge. So, at the end of eight weeks, you should have eight new ways to eat to be more healthy.

We’ll also provide nutrition “coaching” online -- so feel free to leave us your nutrition comment or concern, and we’ll answer as many as we can.

Let's get started with one thing you can do right now! We want you to take half of your body weight and that number is the fluid ounces of water we want you to drink every day. Water not only helps to keep your body functioning at its best, research shows that it may give your metabolism a slight lift.

More About Appetite for Health

Our blog is unique in that it's written 100% by registered dietitians. But not only is it written by the most qualified nutrition professionals, we are writing from our first-hand personal experiences with food and nutrition. If we’re trying to lose weight, we explain how we’re doing it. If we’ve got a picky eater at home, we’ll share how we’re coping or cheating and sneaking more fruits and veggies into her diet. We even divulge our major splurges and set-backs and how we own it and get over it. Plus you get to see what’s in our shopping carts and how we navigate the ‘real world’ of food.

While Katherine and I write most of the content, we rely on hundreds of our dietitian colleagues across the country to provide their insights, knowledge and what they actually do to eat better every day. Appetite for Health also features occasional guest posts from other RDs and RD-chefs.

We love to highlight the better choices, no matter where you are. We have posts about best fast food choices, healthiest hot dogs and condiments to eating for better sexual health and performance. All of our posts are based on the latest nutrition research and are considered to be evidence-based.

Our blog covers all the major nutrition issues that we face—from obesity, heart disease and diabetes—to sports nutrition, children’s nutrition and how to get the men in your life to eat better. If you have a nutrition question or issue, chances are we’ve heard it before, and we’ve got a post about it. We follow the most current scientific research and always try to put it into context so you know the bottom line and have a nutritional game plan to better your health and wellbeing.


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