Life Coach Chat: Balance



Oh my goodness! If I had to pick one word that every client and anyone I talk about life coaching with say most, it would be: BALANCE. Who doesn't want more balance in life? Balance means having a state of equilibrium with all aspects of life: physical, career, family, spiritual, financial, etc. I feel like life is one big journey to try to be more balanced and that's OK. I mean, NO ONE can ever really be balanced in all aspects of their life because no one is perfect. But being aware of and striving for more balance is a healthy state of mind, one which almost all life coaching clients aspire to.



Life coaching can help you identify those areas of your life in which you desire more balance and can help you design action steps to achieve that balance, ultimately helping you achieve your personal goals. Depending on your situational and transitional factors, we each crave balance in different areas, at different times in our lives. The mere change from one need to another can be difficult to navigate and that's where life coaching comes in.



What does balance mean to you?



Where do you most crave balance currently?



How will you know when you are balanced?




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