Life Coach Chat--Take a breather!

It's Life Coach Chat Wednesday again! Today, I want everyone to take a breather! YOU DESERVE IT!



I've written about my favorite breathing exercise previously, but today I want to discuss how our breath is connected to all aspects of our wellness and how wellness coaching can, not only improve your breathing, but ultimately help you achieve overall life balance. Our breath literally gives us life, but we overlook it so much...I mean, how often have you thought about your breath today? We really should be focused on this critical function as it has the ability to help us alleviate one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of achieveing our dreams:






Our breath can completely transform our emotional state and can help us center ourselves to be open to ways we need to move our true goals forward. It helps us cut through the physical and emotional stress in our lives. Wellness coaching can help you focus and improve your breathing through targeted breathing exercises and general awareness of breath. 

You might be thinking, "Ok, but again, why is this important?" We have several dimensions of wellness and since they are all connected, breathing has more impact on our health and wellness than we give it credit for. When you become aware of your breathing, it will change your life for the better!



One way I help my clients focus on breathing is through the Wellness Inventory assessment. It helps people assess their wellness needs and I use it to then coach people to fully achieve those needs. This assessment is a great way to ease into coaching, for any of you who might have reservations (yes, I'm talking to you...). Notice how breathing is one of the first dimensions mentioned on the Wellness Wheel as it is close to being the foundation of our wellness lives.



How is your breathing today? Just start by simply asking that question each day and see what happens. Report back and share your experience!



Happy breathing!





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