Life Coach Chat--Work/Life Balance

For this Life Coach Chat, I want to discuss the ever-challenging state known as:



Work/Life Balance



I've heard some authors try to dispell this ideal as being non-attainable, but for me, I phrase the concept differently. I believe that our work should be only a dimension of our lives and thus I would simply say:




Life Balance



Addressing "work" before "life" is even misleading semantically; we focus too much on fitting our work into our life, when what we should really be focusing on is balancing our lives across all aspects to be more whole. Clients often come to me searching for more "work/life" balance, but what most are seeking is the ability live their life more fully. Life coaching partners with clients to accelerate the process of bringing all of the pieces in your life into balance by clarifying your needs, stretching you, brainstorming action plans, and supporting you on each and every step in your journey toward reaching your goals.


Want to balance your life? Try out life coaching. I'd love to chat. 



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