Life With Expenses

There is a vacation planned for next summer. It was planned by someone else, and, for awhile, I was dead set against going. I would still rather not go but, knowing Caleb the way that I do, he will enjoy visiting with the other people who will be present. He will be really happy, so I can endure for the week this is happening -

- if we can still afford to go. I think that it should be doable. We have enough money in savings to make it happen, but… I’m finding out that having a child on the autism spectrum can get expensive!

There are things he needs that wouldn’t be a concern if he didn’t have ASD. For instance, ABA (which I just realized might be covered by his dad’s insurance; I’ll have to check on that). I misread the program pamphlet and thought that it was $70 total. It’s $70 per session, with 12 sessions, which adds up to oh-my-gosh-a-lot-of-money. It will help him to learn how to interact with his peers, however, which is the big thing that he struggles with. He wants so much to be able to relate to his classmates, but the social skills aren’t quite there. This will help.

The good that this will do for him helps to keep me from choking at the thought of the expense. $840 is a lot of money, and yet it feels like nothing when I imagine how good Caleb will feel about being able to join a group when they’re playing a game, or hold a conversation.

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