Life is fun when your business is something you love

Life as a working artist is difficult financially and rewarding in job performance.  Kind of an odd way of phrasing it but true.  The economy over the past three years, four years, has been difficult for many people in many walks of life and that includes artists.  Where some 5 years ago an artist could almost count on making several hundred dollars at an outdoor art show, up through last year  that same artist was lucky  to recoup the cost of the booth space.  I know quite a few artists who haven't sold any originals at shows in the past few years, just print reproductions and notecards.  I know artists who have entered outdoor art shows and not sold a single thing.  Financially the economy has been very hard for artists.  Is it getting better?  Could be.  It's now October 2010 and the art showing season is drawing to a close.  For me it's been a better year financially than the previous three.  So maybe the economy is improving.

One thing I love about the art community is that artists love to help one another.  If one person learns of something that helps his or her business they are generous to pass along the information.  One bit of information that was shared to the group at a weekly art coffee group was the print-on-demand site/company Fine Art America [FAA].  The friend who shared this said she'd been a member for more than a year and had recently sold a print of one of her images.  FAA is the sort of place a person can go to find an image they like - say of a rural scene - and order up a print on canvas and some notecards of that image.  Pretty cool for the customers looking for art for home, office or commercial space and pretty cool for the artists and photographers who have their images at Fine Art America.

In trying to expand my home business as artist-preneur beyond my geographical area - I can only go to art shows I can travel to and from in a day to make it financially viable - I thought maybe something like FAA would be a good addition to my business.  So I now have images of my paintings, photography and abstract art photography available at FAA.  One of my newest pieces is an abstract art photo called Red Barn which can be seen here.

Is this a promotional post?  Sure...I am a small business owner and promoting my business is high on my daily task list.  But I also wanted give other artists who might read this post and don't know about Fine Art America a head's up...check it out.  We're all in this economy together.

Linda C Smith, Artist and Writer


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