Life As A Headcase: Please Call For Help

call for helpI am really sorry that my last post scared people but I appreciate the concern you all showed.  Yes, it WAS a bad situation but not to worry...I have very qualified and competent professionals who care and who DID care for and about me.  I have collected the very best Circle of Trust around me and they lifted me up through the terrible time I went through.

Yes, if you feel as low as I for help.  Call your friend, your bestie, your mom...your therapist.  Call 911.  Call a helpline.  Whatever you do, call.  I probably should have done that and believe me, it's in my speed dial now.  All of my circle is in my speed dial.  I only have to hit it.  Someone will answer to help.

It would have helped.

In the long run though, I am better than ever.  I feel confident and empowered.

I will ask for help before my problems get out of control My meds are JUST right which hasn't been the case for TOO long as I switched between psychiatrists - my latest waiting 12 weeks between dosage changes and med changes and that was too long.  If that happens again, I have the tools to know what to do.  I won't like losing my therapist but then again, I don't want to lose me either.

For the first time ever I can tell you, I love this girl.  And she means the world to me.  And I will do what I have to do to keep her safe, empowered, happy and protected.  Go into debt, act silly, whatever.  Her happiness is my goal. So don't worry, I'm back.  

I hope [caption id="attachment_379" align="alignright" width="300"] Winston Zeddemore[/caption] you'll stay with me.  As I said to my therapist, Shrinkette, I promise I will askfor help WAY before I need it.  To paraphrase Winston Zeddemore, I have the tools and now I have the talent.  I journal OFFLINE and that journal is just between me and my Maker.  I have a Circle of Trust and have taken GREAT measures to emulate my Howard-Hughes-like son who is obsessed with privacy as far as my facebook is concerned.  It took a long time to decide if I could continue my blog but I think it's important for many people and in many ways.  

Maybe it IS a freak show that folks like to see.  But maybe someone has BPD too and maybe some of the things I have said and plan to say will help. I am here to help.  But the best part for me is that I AM HERE.

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