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Today I was reading this blog that I found out about on another blog.  I was visiting as I do just about every day and I noticed that Shreve (the author/photographer of the blog) had mentioned a blog her grandmother was now writing.  I linked to her grandmother's blog ( and quickly found myself enthralled in her story.  When I was younger I was always quickly bored with my grandparents stories of their youth.  Now that I am a little older and a little wiser I find that I wish I had paid more attention to the stories my grandparents had told.  Most of my grandparents have passed away and now I'll never hear their stories.  My mother-in-law is almost 80 and when my husband and I go and visit her in Arizona I love to just listen to her stories about growing up in New York and how different things were when she was a child.  It makes you realize you should never take your grandparents for granted (or anyone else you love) because you never know if it will be the last time you'll ever get to speak to them.     

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