Life as I know it...

Well, as we all become new mothers we don't know quite what to expect. In this past year, I have experienced such changes such as physical, emotional and most importantly this little human being known as my son. He just had his first birthday and this kid is something else. There are the moments of excellence and the moments of sadness. Knowing that time flies when you're having fun, and then, man can you be old enough to communicate with your words now.

It wasn't until my fiance left that I realized it was all up to me to teach our son how the world works for the next year. Teaching him how to walk, try new foods, and most of all communicate. It was that moment today when I decided that as a mother, you are not only known as mom, but also as super woman. Showing your kid how the world works in general.

Know that not only does being a mom come with happiness but with frustration. Like the time I set my child down for 2 minutes, leave the room come back and there is a poop stain across our carpet. In addition to knowing that you can clean a carpet like a pro and believe that you should be paid for this with money. But instead you are paid with the best smile from your kid and that he doesn't understand why you look so funny cleaning up his poop.

It's those moments that have led me to being happy as a mother, and that there are many to come.


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