Embracing Your Whole Self in Your Career

As a person with successful dual careers (music and law), I have struggled with separating my music career from my legal career, mistakenly thinking that they were separate paths on separate journeys. In the early 90s, as I began to flourish in my music career while beginning to develop my legal career, I thought that my music career was counter to my law practice and that I had to be distinctly different people in each respective career. I could not have been more wrong! As I continued on my life's journey, I came to the realization that, though my two careers present different demands and challenges, what is constant about both careers is what I bring to them as a complete and well-rounded individual. The experiences I have had and professional and interpersonal skills I have acquired in both careers are what make me uniquely me. Thus, I can relax in the comfort of knowing that, as I embrace my uniqueness and my gifts, I am able to share my story and my journey with others who, because of their personal and professional experiences, may be on a similar journey. Recently, I had an amazing opportunity to share my story, my journey, my song of merging my passion and dream with my colleagues, friends and team members at my day job in corporate America. Through my one-woman show titled, "Timeless: My Journey, My Song," I took these corporate Americans on my personal journey -- through monologue, song, and up-close and intimate stories of my life as a Grammy-winning performing artist and a successful corporate attorney -- of merging my corporate self and my musical self. My message:  We are divinely empowered to be masters of our own fate.  We do not have to be afraid to step outside the box to achieve whatever it is we are willing to invest the time, energy and emotion into making a reality for us. We might not have all the answers, but rest assured that every experience has its season.  If we persevere with vision, intention and a made up mind, we can realize our dreams and unleash our passions. And so, after years of vacillation between music and law, in one glorious evening in an intimate theater in Minneapolis, music and law, passion and dream, corporate and entertainment merged. And people connected -- cried together, laughed together, reminisced and reflected together—and, on that night, united on a shared journey. And life was grand, for art imitated life and life imitated art. And in the process, as one attendee so eloquently stated, “I felt like I made a friend." This is my journey. This is my song. Enjoy the journey!

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