Life Lesson 100: If this is the sea of social media, then I’m jumping in, feet first, with my first blog, post, tweet etc. ;-)

Before today I thought a blog was something that came out of your nose, a post was part of a fence, and a twitter was something you felt when you were in love.  Thank goodness an amazing mentor and friend taught me that through social media not only can I stay in touch with the thousands of people I’ve met with MS throughout the US during my speeches, but also numerous incredible people I’ve come in contact with along the way.  As you are all waiting for my book to be published, follow along and you will not only get a sneak peek into my everyday life, but also tid bits of the book as well.  Please sit back, read, laugh, cry if you feel the need, and lets experience life, dancing and singing, as it rains down upon us.


Life Lesson:  Back to school shopping…not what I thought it to be! 


I remember going back to school clothes shopping with my mom.  Her budget was limited, as were the stores available at the time and her patience.  I dreamed of the day when I’d have a daughter of my own, and I promised myself that I’d give her endless amounts of money, clothes, shoes, time and of course- patience.  Then reality hit.  I’m 34, a single parent struggling to stay afloat.  I promised to take my 12 year old daughter shopping this month after I paid the rent, utilities, our cell phone bills (ouch) my health insurance (that drained the checkbook) and then there were the bills stacked up that I’d been avoiding all month- including the dreaded credit card (already nearly maxed out with prescriptions and various medications) doctor’s visits and lab work, gas, and we haven’t even gotten to food and day to day living.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her we had gone way over budget once again this month and couldn’t afford new clothes.  Maybe if she was still in elementary school- but junior high is different.  Clothes, fashion, style- they mean everything!  So I took her out shopping, and we used maxed out what was left on the credit card to make sure she “fit in” with the rest of the crowd.  I made it through the first 2 stores, being a good, respectful mom, standing outside the dressing room, waiting for her to come out and model each outfit.  By the third store I was so exhausted I could hardly stand!  MS has some ugly symptoms, and fatigue is definitely one of them.  Next thing Carlee knew I was slumped on the bench in her dressing room, eyes closed except to look when she’d changed into a new outfit.  Four hours of shopping nearly put me over the edge.  Long gone were the days when 4 hours of shopping sounded like a dream come true.  I wasn’t sure who was going to max out first- me or the credit card!  Luckily I survived; my pocketbook can’t say the same.  But my daughter is happy, so I am happy, and that is all that matters!