Life, Love & Lughnasadh

Lughnasadh is the first harvest point on the wheel of the year.  Most people who are familiar with the sacred timing of Lughnasadh are aware of it occurring on the first day of August each year.  More traditionally however, Lughnasadh occurs at the exact opposite point on the wheel of the year from Imbolc.  This year, that precise opposition occurs on the 7th of August.  This is the time of year that Leo holds sway, and this year in particular will be very exciting since Leo will be in the New Moon coming up on August 5th.  This is a very firey time of year, the hottest time of year for many places in our world, and therefore it is a fantastic time for your personal creation mechanics.  In fact, the very root of the word, "Lugh", means "Light".  This is a wonderful time for you to infuse your ideas and creations with Light and focus on the growth that you have been intending upon in your life, whether it be personal, family oriented, professional, global, or all of these areas.  Tune into your inner fire in order to enhance your creativity and ignite the spark within the seeds of any projects that you have been meaning to tackle. 

This is a most beneficial time to allow yourself to receive guidance in whatever forms feel comfortable to you.  Meditation, divination, and journey work are all excellent examples of tools that you can engage in order to receive guidance.  Connect to the Leo energy, your inner wildcat, your lion or lioness self.  Leo is also significant in accessing your inner courage, and at a time of year where there is so much Light pouring forth, and especially if you are working with this Light intently, please remember that stronger burning Light will burn deeper into  that which remains hidden... the shadow aspects.  This pertains to those things that you may have placed upon the back burner or swept under the rug, or have simply been unaware of until now.  Along with that which is buried deep, once it reaches the level of conscious awareness, emotion may be brought to the surface along with it.  Allow this emotion to come.  Beauty lies within its release. Allow this to assist you in connecting with the Earth Mother, and the waters with which she supports all of life.

One of the after effects of emotional release, should it occur for you, is a feeling of emptiness, or a void of some sort.  This is entirely natural.  Now would be the time to plant your new seeds of intention.  What do you wish to plant and energize?  What do you want to see grow within your own life, and blossom from this point forward?  Between now and August 7th, you may wish to intuit these seeds, plant them, water them and observe their growth.  Harvest and transformation help to remind us of the wonders of our planet earth.  They keep the magic within our hearts alive, seeing how something new and nourishing happens from something so small.  But this only happens once that one small thing is planted by us, watered by us, and nurtured by us.  Attention needs to be given to these small things, and it is then that we can anticipate growth and change ... transformation and alchemy.  Here are some questions to assist in this process:

  • What do I need to release right now?
  • What am I looking most forward to for the rest of the year?
  • What can I anticipate coming to fruition for my highest good?
  • In what ways can I give gratitude for the gifts of growth and change I have received this year?
  • How can I give thanks, in advance, for those things yet to come?

Giving thanks for, and truly acknowledging, that which you have already received will assist in the process of honoring the Earth Mother.  So you can see how it only makes sense that giving thanks before your needs are met will only help to enhance that which you hope to receive.  Think of Gratitude as your fertilizer, the feed for your seeds.  Once you truly feel this Gratitude take hold within you, move with it.  Stretch it, dance it, reach with it, breathe it, sing it.  Move it from within, to throughout and around you.  This vibration of Gratitude will be that much stronger then.  It will anchor much more clearly into your energetic field, and then simply by nature of the business, it will assist you in bringing forth more of that which resides in your heart. 

How wonderful is that?


"At the very center of the turning world, there is only the dance." - T.S. Eliot

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