Life is Messy

On the way home from school today, H#1 announced she had a project she needed to do. This is a regular occurrence, these projects. Sometimes they involve a stick, some tape and paper to make a flag. Other times it might be some leaves, a pine cone and glue to make a peacock. One time she even made an entire centerpiece arrangement made from rocks, a vase, some dried hay and Queen Anne's Lace. As my mom said today,

"She has more imagination than I ever dreamed of having..."

Today's project involved finding some leaves and some dirt, to which she needed to add some water.

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But these were no ordinary mud pies, no sir, and how dare you suggest something so base? There was a very specific order to this project, as there always is, and her little brother fell into line next to her, asking her for instructions along the way.


By the end, they were covered head to toe in mud, Gramps' and Granny's newly painted deck was a swampy mess,

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H#3 was throwing his food Pollock-style, as if to join in on the artistry,

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and the new furball looked on with questioning puzzlement.

My mom followed up her comment on the Hatchlings' combined creativity, saying,

"...or if I did have that much it was certainly stifled before it got to this point. I guess that's why I let them do it."

I guess that's why I swallowed my protests when H#1 brought it up. And why I choked on my shock when I walked out and actually saw the extent of their project. And why I quit thinking in complaints about the running around, cleaning up, tick removal and lack of naps today brought. And why I quickly grabbed my camera to document this mess-making extravaganza. Because life is messy. And sometimes, even though it's not what we pictured, that's what makes it fun.

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