In the life of a Military Wife

            Getting ready to move, again. This time next year we’ll be somewhere else in the world. Where? Don’t know, but I would love to go overseas. I enjoy the travel, seeing different places and cultures. The hard part is the packing, leaving your friends behind, and making new ones. Having to explain to the kids that you are moving because of daddy’s job.

            My eldest daughter is 5 yrs old and this is her 3rd station that we are at now. She was born during a tour in Keflavik, Iceland. She has become accustomed to meeting different people. Now she is asking questions about when and where she will make new friends.

            Military wives all stick together, for they all share a common goal. We work hard to raise our families and support our husbands in their military careers. Despite how often they are called away to duty.

            During deployments it is hard to have my other half gone, on the other side of the world. Sure, I get sad if I don’t get a phone call every day. I’ll be happy with a call once a week just to know that he is still alive and in good health. It is not easy knowing that they are in harm’s way, and the idea of having to tell the kids what daddy is doing in Iraq.

            How do I get thru it? I keep busy with different activities that entertain me and my kids. I plan for events or vacations that we can take as a family when daddy returns. The idea of being together again is motivating to me. Taking my daughter to story time at the library, swimming lessons at the pool, going to the movies, or taking road trips to visit friends and family. I taught myself how to knit, which was not an easy task. My daughter and I went for walks and bike rides every day in different locations. Explored little restaurants, and taste the different foods. But just because you don’t get a phone call from your husband, it doesn’t mean that he has forgotten about you.

             It’s hard being a military wife. We need to be strong, durable, flexible, and open minded. If we are not, how can we understand our husbands and their responsibilities, and get thru a deployment and/or their military careers.  


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