Life in Norway

I live in Norway.

Some say it`s the best country in the world to live in. We have the highest standard of living in the world. We are one of the richest countries in the world. Fantastic! ... I just want to live, love and survive life as we live it!

The Nordic Lifestyle is a great way of living!

I am a skin and hairremoval specialist, have my own business - and am a fulltime mom. My husband works mostly from our home, so he`s the one home when our kids come home from school. We help each other - equality - as every relationship should be. My office is open 3 days a week, the remaining 2 days I am free to to what I want. Sounds perfect? Yupp! But we have worked hard to make this machinery work!

I am a firm believer in kindergardens. In a kindergarden in Norway, there are trained kindergarden teachers, social workers, pedagogics - all trained in the field of working with young kids. 95 % of all Norwegian kids go to kindergarden -and are happy, wellfunctioning people. We believe that kindergardens make happy, active, sosial adaptible, independent, non-egotistical people. Which you need to be to function in a social democracy like Norway. I do not believe that kids are better off at home with one of their parents after the age of 1 1/2. The reason for this, is that I am not capable of giving my child the same mental stimulation, interaction and socialbehaviour as a kindergarden can. The learning curve of kindergarden kids is enormous! We are flock-beeings, and I do firmly believe that we all - even from a young age - search for groups/flocks to be with. They play, do crafts, sing, dance, build, learn - and play outside to also stimulate their motoric skills. There is no tv, no playstations or xbox, no nintendo ds`- just use of imagination and outdoor matters! They learn to make their own lunch, ski,go to museums, to the theatre, to the library etc.. all things sustainable to nature and society. I see no wrong in that! Our kids adapt easily to our grownup society - and have normal, equlity based relationships - whether they are heterosexual or same sex families.

My family are an active family; skiing, snowboarding, cycling, soccer... My husband and I are firm believers in keeping active - and healthy. This beeing that we move our bodies and eat balanced foods. This always includes our kids, so they find it natural to move their butts! They walk to school in groups, they play soccer after school, they play outside and we go hiking or skiing every weekend.

We believe in eating wholesome, natural and healthy foods, and have chosen LCHF as our path. Our method is probably not the same as what you in the US are used to, as we have come up with other ingredients to substitute the slow, sugary carbs. We eat no preserved foods or foods from a can. We make our own bread and knekkebrød/crackerbread(or Wasa - as you know it), our own cakes and cookies - and candy. Yes, it does take time - but when it comes to our health - it`s worth it! Don`t you think? We eat a lot of vegetables, as we live in a country with 9 months of bad-to-worse weather and cold, and fruits are not fresh in Winter.

Our family has decided to only use vintage/recycled furniture. This means that we do not buy much new furniture. This is a matter of choice - we believe we live in a "buy-and-throw-away"-society - and where does throw away furniture, books, toys etc go when we replace them? ..."Throw-away heaven?" ..Most of our stuff is either bought at freemarkets, garagesales, give-aways online or inherited. I am very fussy with what enters my house - and it all has to be beautiful and have a history. it warms my heart to know that my shelf or table lived somewhere else and was used for something special!

Our kids have fantastic designer clothes - all vintage! We do not believe in buying from big chain stores that mass-produce clothing in 3rd World Countries - with childlabour and minimum pay. There`s way to many clothes in this world, anyway! We go to vintage clothing stores - and get all the best scoops! My kids wear Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie&Fitch, Naparapiiri, Gant, Timberland etc - and we pay the same for those designerclothes as the ones in chain stores! Recyling,Sustainability and Preservation all in once - and the best - happy kids with very nice clothes!

We are not a perfect family, but we try to keep things real.

I invite you to peek into our Nordic Lifestyle...

xoxo Cecilie



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