Life As A Pineapple

Long ago, my friend's friend told her she needed to be, " tough like a pineapple not soft like a peach". The context of the statement was due to some serious boo hooing over a dumb boy. I thought the sentiment was hilarious and have used is as my own ever since. Later I was to discover that a pineapple was the symbol of hospitality. Again, I loved it and adopted this icon to be my own since I've been a Party Planning Goddess my whole life. As I started to study French I listened to how native French speaking people say the word "the" in English. The sound that came out was "zeh" not  "the".  Yet another charming tidbit about all things French.  Now putting almost everything together that I just wrote about,  z'pineapple THE EVENT STUDIO was conceived. The logo was originally created  by one designer then I had another designer update it to make it completely my own.This is the beginning of my life in social media. I have been a very unwilling to participate in all this jazz we call social media.  I have received nastygrams from friends who are irritated with me for not playing nice on FaceBook. Ok, already, I've heard enough. I am going to figure out how I want to engage in all this jazz and BlogHer is my spring board.   I cannot begin to explain the sheer inspiration from being an attendee at the BlogHer bet '11 conference. This conference has changed my life. I'll speak more about later but trust me when I say my life will never be the same again. Today, I do feel tough like a pineapple and not soft like a peach. I wonder what an in between day will feel like?


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