Life post: big changes ahead

We are moving to San Antonio, Texas!
My husband is separating from the Army this year, well it is looking (nothing definite yet) like that will be taking place in August instead of November. In case you weren't aware, August is literally right around the corner. Ava will turn one and then bam! It will be August. I am so ready to move on from Tennessee, which is a beautiful state, but there isn't much to do in my neck of the woods when you don't have a car. I am also ready to settle down. I always like the idea of moving around with the military (that is probably due to being the daughter of a Marine) but it wasn't as great as I had hoped, or remembered. It will be so nice to find a place to call our own and not worry about uprooting anytime soon. Jason's family all lives in San Antonio and as it turns out my immediate family is hoping to move out there when we do as well. I am beyond thrilled at the idea of my kids growing up with both sets of grandparents around. I am also excited that my family will be close again. (I also have a good friend from high school who lives a few hours from San Antonio, and it will be great to see her again and meet her kids.)
I am also definitely going to take advantage of the move to get rid of everything, get back to basics and simplicity.

So that is that, we are moving, and possibly very soon. I really am looking forward to living somewhere I am somewhat familiar with, and somewhere that has a lot of opportunities for my family.
I do think that moving so soon in August may prohibit me from visiting all the places on my list of places to see in TN before we move, but I am going to make the best of it.

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