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Last week I made a statement. I set an intention, and that intention was met immediately by my husband and his friend who is a chiropractor. I declared for myself in my last blog that I desired to have a chiropractor help me heal my neck – within a day my husband had arranged a trade with a friend of his who is a chiropractor. This to me is really funny and wonderful for many reasons – First because my husband has not ever read my blog and second because I have complained in the past about my hips or back and it has never gotten me an appointment with his friend who he has known forever.

Thursday of last week I had my first appointment and friday had my second (more on this later…I may be a medical anomaly) . After I had gotten adjusted and a little neck massage (torture) I laid down on the massage table with a bunch of electrodes hooked up to me and ice packs around my neck. As I laid there I quieted my mind and quickly drifted into what felt like a cloud of happiness. I started hearing what sounded like someone talking under water. You know when you were a kid in the bath and you would put your head under water and your mom would say something? You could hear her words but they seemed thick and echoed. Well that is what it sounded like. As I started to focus on it I realized it was the lady next to me having a conversation in her head. She wasn’t thinking about anything important really, it sounded like this…”(sigh) I wonder how much longer I have to lay here before I can get my adjustment… did I drop off my dry cleaning? I should really just try to lay here and enjoy this… my back really hurts I hope he hurry’s up he doesnt know how much of a hurry I’m in..” at this moment the doc popped his head in and said ‘Hey, Im gonna be with you in just a minute – we still have time – you wont be late.’ It was at this moment that I realized I was being rude listening to her thoughts so I decided to do a little meditation.

When I closed my eyes I began to see a beautiful scene before me. I felt like I had jumped into a movie screen everything was so vivid. I was looking at everything & loving how beautiful and serene it all was when my guide pointed and spoke to my mind without words. She explained to me this:

“This is the way of your world my child. It is what keeps the balance and harmony of all things in this world. We understand it is easy to forget with the many distractions you have created, however, this is the way it is always meant to be. You see my child even when you breathe, there is an exhale followed by an inhale. With an exhale you experience giving expressing out into the world, sharing and blessing, followed naturally by an inhale, a moment of contraction pulling in nourishment and once again blessings. All of this is the natural loving flow that is inherent in all of life. There is no separation of love in either moment, it is all love”

As I floated out of the office that day I felt connected once again. My body was happy, sore, but happy and my guide had found a way to speak with me and help me attain my goal for the day: “to take loving care of my body and nourish my spirit and soul”….thank you.

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