Life Is Right

Joie, happy and content in her new home with us

Today I had the pleasure of meeting in person, for the first time, Dawn Baumann Brunke.  She is an animal communicator who has written four books about animal voices and teachings.  She is also the woman who helped me greatly when she did an animal communication reading for Frankie this past June as Frankie was in transition. I will never forget how healing that time with Frankie was– as it prepared me to move forward with Frankie in spirit.  At the time of the reading, as well as for several weeks afterward, I couldn’t accept that Frankie was right in the timing of her leaving. But I know now, she was right. She knew I’d be okay and she knew what lay ahead for me and it was time for her to move on. That in itself is such an amazing gift that our animals give us.

As Dawn and I talked, and I could have talked to her all day– we had an instant connection– but she told me about a saying she has on her desk, “Life is right.” It’s so true. But how often we try to project our idea of how things should unfold in our lives.  I never wanted Frankie to die because I didn’t want to lose that pure joy and bliss our life had been. I wondered how I’d have that again as the last five years were some of the best of my life with the work we did together.  But how true it is that life is right, and change occurs when it is right and needs to be.  We may not understand that at the time, but when we look back we can usually see it.

I see it coming full on at  me especially the past five days since Joie entered my life. I see and understand that joy does come back again–in a new form– yet the same– at least for me. As Dawn and I talked and talked about how I named Joie her name (and a reminder the spelling in French means joy) I said how I was trying to transition Joie from her previous name of Mylee.  I started with Mylee-Joie and then My Joie.  Dawn smiled and said, “My joy.” That really struck me because yes, I now have that joy again I had with Frankie– just in a new way with a new little bundle to love.  This is MY JOY.  This is right where I am supposed to be at this time.  ”Life is right.”

It’s so easy to lose track in the middle of grief and tough times that yes, “Life is right.” It’s hard to sit in the discomfort of changes and grief of sadness. We struggle with the why’s of why is this happening. But if we can try to find that small space in our crowded mind of letting go of the  ”should be’s “and trust things will unfold as they are meant to be, we could move through the transition a wee bit easier.  I can’t say I was the best at that this the past couple of months, though the small light of trust started to glow again in my heart as each day passed after Frankie passed.  Holding Joie in my arms now, I feel at home again and my soul is fulfilled. And I realize I was never far from home, but was just being reminded that this is part of life and that “Life is right.” This is a saying that is now going on my computer to remind me every day.  Thank you, Dawn.

Barbara Techel

Award winning author of Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog book series