Life Simplified

There is not, and never will be, anything more difficult than breaking away from the norm. Oh yes, it comes to some of us easier than others, but as a member of society (like it or not) society- otherwise known as "the norm"- influences what we do. The philipsphocal, social and moral arguments of the pros and cons of that reality are endless, and while its a fascinating conversation, I will leave that for another occasion simply because in a nutshell it is still the truth of life. 

Somehow when we were pre-teens and teenagers it was easier and perhaps even critical to breakaway from the "norm" in order to find ourselves and try different versions of ourselves on of what interested and fascinated us, until we could follow the center of those pedulum swings and call that "me". Personally, I hope that we never really find center. If we did we would grow stangnat and some of us do. I think the key to life is continuting to build on yourself, your ideas and your dreams. No one has ever accomplished them all. Make a list of your 5 most imporant things to accomplish in life and as soon as you achieve them you will have 5 more to replace them. Thats just life. And that is why it is so beautiful. 

But breaking from norm and rigor of daily dridgery isnt easy. For me I kept dreaming of all the things I wanted in life. Finally, following a layoff from a job that made my blood boil, the time was right. Time to jump into all the things that made my heart sing.

I have some mottos that guided me all along and rather than summerize the details of my personal story let me share the mottos that served me so well:

Do something everyday that scares you

You have to go out on a limb because that is where the fruit is.

If you do something you love you will never "work" a day in your life

So there it is. How my life changed from the corporate world to a life I love. 

More to come


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