Life & Style With Kids

I’ve been in a writing stupor lately. I sit down to do it, and spend my time on the computer “researching” other things like how to grout a perfect straight line, or how to make Lorax trees from pom poms and pool noodles. Important stuff, you see.

Things have been going along great over here. I mean, aside from the fiasco ofthe missing ring, and a little cold the boys have had this week (which has contributed to my stupor…it’s hard to think straight after being woken up 5 times in a night), life is good. 

I have felt more patient than ever before.

I’ve been getting more sleep than ever before.

And, I’ve been enjoying just being with my kids more than ever before.

So, I have also been feeling more positive than ever before.

But, life is not perfect by any means.

It’s funny. I popped over to HuffPost parents yesterday during nap time my mommy time and found something that struck me as quite amusing.  I was on the front page, scanning for the parenting section, I realized they must have mis-placed it. Because, the parenting section was under Life & Style on their main page. Two things that this parent has neither one of right now.

Life & Style. Hmmm. Right now, my current reminder that I have no style is because fall is upon us. I scan Pinterest (the authority on “research” these days) and realize I will never have the “perfect fall outfit”. No, they aren’t all the sameoutfit, but they basically are.  My “research” has led me to believe that the “perfect fall outfit” consists of skinny jeans, some sort of oversized sweater/cardigan, paired with a cute button up and coordinating scarf, and topped off with a pair of knee high brown boots. The problem? Well, let’s start with the skinny jeans. When you’re 5’4, and have a little extra around the boo-tay (or bum as it is affectionately called in our house) then, skinny jeans are not the most flattering look. And, those cute knee high boots? This girl has calves that are slightly less than skinny, and I’m afraid those boots will be forever out of my reach. And, don’t try to encourage me with the wide legged option. It just doesn’t feel cute to be accentuating anything wide. Maybe style and I can see eye to eye come Spring when I can break out the sandals again.

As for the life? Well, sure, technically I am a breathing human, so I have life, but my children are still working out their immune systems. And, the cold weather is upon us. You do the math. What? Your kids never get sick? I guess your kids have antibacterial immune systems naturally, but mine don’t.

But, illness aside, let’s just take our recent trip out to eat. This just solidified in my mind how the life my husband and I once knew is gone for now. I know it’s fleeting, they grow up way too fast, and I should really stop and enjoy every second, but sometimes, you just want to eat hot food, you know?

We typically grab food out on Saturdays for lunch. This is because we are usually busy running errands, or working in the yard, and it is our one meal a week that we go out to eat. So, a couple of Saturdays ago, I asked my husband where he wanted to go. The usual kid-friendly (aka-quick) spots were all sounding a little repetitive. You can only eat Blimpie so many times….so I said, “Well, I’ve been wanting to try a few new spots I’ve noticed, but they are all restaurants that require servers”. To my surprise (he must have been in a REALLY good mood) he said, “Let’s try it”.

So, we went to this tiny local place that served kale chips and quinoa, which is right up his alley, so I was feeling hopeful. That was until the waiter informed me that they don’t have fountain drinks. Wait. A. Minute. You mean I can’t order Diet Coke? He responded with something lame like it was a “healthy” food joint. He tried to ease the blow by telling me I could go over to the gas station next door and grab a big gulp and he wouldn’t judge. Nice, but I think I’ll pass.


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