'The Messiah' musical hits center stage at Charlotte, North Carolina

 A MUSICAL for the benefit of the poor, homeless and abandoned will be held at the Halton Theater of CPCC at 1206 Elizabeth Avenue, Charlotte, North Carolina 28235 on Aug. 8 to 10 this year....more

FACC spearheads Flores de Mayo celebration in Charlotte

Photo by Jeric Jarical PhotographySIXTEEN-year-old Sophia Escobal was crowned the Reyna Elena (Queen Elena) for this year's Flores de Mayo event here in Charlotte, North Carolina....more

Judgement + IVF

I just read this now.. I searched for IVF posts on blogher... and I believe I may have to go ...more

A to Z Challenge: On Lent

#1639 - On Lent For Catholics, and a lot of other Christians, this is the time of year known as Lent.  It's a period of prayer and reflection in the 40 days prior to Easter....more

Making it to Church and Crossing Things Off My List


Doing St Nicholas Day the Right Way

Advent is here and for many Christians it also means that ...more

How Christians can force you into Atheism

I was raised Catholic and it never occurred to me that I should be anything but until my husband left me for one of the many women he had been seeing during our marriage. Even today divorce is considered a sin and if you are unlucky enough, like I was, to be a member of a church where the priest is REALLY old school then you will suddenly find yourself lost and 'out of favor' with your faith.  ...more


A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece on the Shekinah Cloud (the Glory Cloud), and the topic of veiling sacred things, and a few of my blogging friends, Jenna included, made the connection to wearing a chapel veil or mantilla (man-tea-ya) in front of the Blessed Sacrament.  Since a long time ago, Jenna has been hosting a link-up about the mantilla, so be sure to visit her bloggy, too! ...more

the Catholic freak...the Jesus freak

you might think i'm a freak because i'm Catholic.and you'd be right.i am a freak.a Jesus freak.that's right. i'm Catholic AND i believe in Jesus.i say it like that because a couple of years ago someone assumed i didn't. she had been told that Catholics don't worship Jesus. that we don't believe in Him....more