There was this period of about three years in elementary school when I got bullied a fair amount. The school was never home to me since I started going there in the middle of the school year in fourth grade and never really quite fit in. I had short hair, wore extremely large glasses, was already about 5’8” in the 6th grade and… this will sound weird if you’re not from Philly, but… I wasn’t Irish, which didn’t float in an Irish school in the Irish neighborhood of a largely Irish city.  ...more

An Honest Conversation with My Gay Friend

The other day we got together with a friend of mine from high school named Andrew*, and his boyfriend, Tom. They moved out of state earlier this year, but a business trip brought him and Tom back through town recently, and we jumped at the chance to go out to dinner with them. This was one of the first times in a long while that we'd had a chance to sit down and talk with them, just the four of us. We caught up on life and work, Andrew and I clicking as well as we always have. I wore waterproof mascara because I knew I'd end up laughing to the point of tears, which, in fact, I did....more
Regardless of my own views of gay marriage, I really wish that Christians would stop expecting ...more

Fortnight for Freedom?

I saw the sign outside of the church as we pulled in last Sunday and immediately knew that I wasn’t going to like whatever it was about.  “Fortnight for Freedom”.  At first I thought it was some sort of right wing, tea party movement.  But why would my church allow a political sign in front of it?  No, it couldn’t be that....more

Do not take...

I'm about to spread some extremely valuable advice.  Ready?  Do not take a book obsessed toddler to church.  Oy! We are not church goers.  To be honest I do not understand how families with little kids do it every week.  More power to you.  ::internet fist bump:: ...more

10 Things About Myself

I always find it interesting to see what is trending on Twitter. It is how I found out Osama Bin Laden was killed and that Justin Beiber might be having a baby. Today one of the trends is #10thingsaboutmyself. 1. I used to be a pilot. Well, I only had my private pilot's license but I loved flying airplanes until I had kids. The choice to buy diapers and formula won out over the flight hour everytime....more

What Would You Have Done? What Should I Have Done?

The question of the day is:"Whether" can mean "which of two." Present two alternatives for your readers....more

Tips for Making It Through Mass with Kids

You always see families with perfect kids in church and you wonder to yourself "How did they get them to behave like that?" I must say every once in awhile we are THAT family, but more times than not our kids have their issues with sitting through mass. Taking your little ones to church was always something I was very nervous about before we had kids! I converted to being Catholic during my pregnancy with Vincent, so I was brand spanking new to the church, just as Vincent was. I was always nervous of what he would act like, or what I would do if they had a melt down in the middle of mass. It was very terrifying because you feel like ALL eyes are on you when you have kids, and I must say that once we had Vincent and got into the groove of things, it got easier....more
Thank you for this.  I have three kiddos, 2, 4 and 10 that I try to take to Mass each weekend.  ...more

The Lost Binder

Jack lost his binder for Catholic Ed last week.  I was annoyed.  The kid loses everything not glued to his person.  All those prayers.  All those colored pictures of Jesus.  Gone gone gone.  I was now going to have to slink into church this week and beg for forgiveness and a new book for my forgetful middle child. ...more

Rapture, part 2, and a new church

So obviously, it didn't happen. All you had to do is take one look at Harold Camping's math and you'd know that this guy was coming out of left field with all of this. But hey, that's his gig, and if people want to trust him, that's their business. What makes me sad though is all the anti Christian stuff I've read leading up to all of this. The people who honestly believed that Saturday was their last day on Earth are just as short sighted as the people who assumed every Christian believed this guy, or every Christian is like Pat Robertson or John Hagee. Guess what? We're not....more