Staying Busy is the best defence. Tex passed a week ago. I spent the weekend on fast forward. I went to Gov. Perdues' Inauguration and parade  downtown Saturday morning. I should have gone earlier than I did but I didn't think I would get anywhere to sit so why bother going early and standing around? So I went late and sat... Behind a tree. She who went early had an unobstructed view. Oh well. ...more

Women mystics - everything old is new again

I remember when a teen-aged child of a friend of mine heard Hendrix for the first time and thought it was some hip new heavy metal band. We then played Steppenwolf, Janis, Cream and a few others for him and blew his socks off. The latest generation is easily convinced they invented what is cool, or hip or just plain better than what has gone before. Certainly it is wilder. ...more

Thanks for your comments. It is always great to feel "well read" :-)

~~ Contributing Editor, ...more

Fun Fact Friday

I came across today's fun fact while watching TV last night: The best selling book in the world is the Bible. There are approximately 50 copies sold every minute! In an ironic twist, it's also the most stolen book in the world. ...more

New Book - Taking Back God: American Women Rising Up For Religious Equality

There's a new book out called Taking Back God: American Women Rising Up For Religious Equality that I am recommending to everyone I know. I am surprised it hasn't gotten more attention yet, considering its subject matter, and the intensity of the religion-fueled 'culture wars' in this country. ...more