Children at funerals

What's the purpose of taking young children to funerals?  The Michael Jackson funeral (event?  celebration?) brings up all kinds of questions about what is and isn't appropriate, but my worry is that children at a funeral are exposed to indelible images that may later prove hard to deal with. ...more

10 things not to say to your infertile friend:

1. “Take a vacation.” If I was going to get pregnant from taking a vacation, I think I’d have quite a large family by now. I live in France, we have FIVE WEEKS of vacation a year. And let me tell you, we have had some quite pleasurable attempts at baby-making on many, many of said vacations. 2. “Relax, just stop thinking about it.” ...more
When my sister told me that she was pregnant after 3.5 months of marriage, she said "Well, DH is ...more

Rome Investigating US nuns. Will they reinvent the past?

The Vatican, in what is seen as a move to potentially "crack down" on orders of nuns who may have evolved in ways not pleasing to Rome, has begun what is called "an apostolic visitation" of US nuns. This would be done, says Rome, "in order to safeguard and promote consecrated life". Many here feel it may be to reverse the modernization of nuns in America. ...more


Just walk on by I took Dogger to the vet on Saturday to find out why her incision was open again and why there is there stuff coming out of it AGAIN. I was very comfortable with the incision being closed. I shouldn't have gotten comfortable. Now its open, but just a teeny little bit. Just a touch open. Just open enough to weep a little. The incision has a sad. ...more

Tiny writes tiny tomes

Letters from Tiny As I was straightening up Sunday night after I came home and I ran across these notes: Der Mama Wher ar u Tiny iz trying rel hrd to tak care ov teh hoz fir yew, Teh hoz is veri beeg and dark and Tiny iz al lon. Tiny iz scrd and wats u to kom hme to Tiny. Whr is dog, wher is mama. Dog iz not hre and Tiny is lonley. Tiny luke al obr hoz no mama no dog. It is drk and teh opengs are covd and hos maks noz an maks cold blo. Who wil Tiny lic nose at nite? Him cant lic mama nose. Tiny sad, ...more


<b>Fri, Fri, Friday</b>  Have you ever gone mano-a-mano with a large, filthy, <i>wet</i> area rug? Did you put a lot of thought into it before you started? Yeah, I didn't either. ...more

Poopy Puppy

Sick as a Dogger , Spring 2009  edition Some people use their lunch hour for lunch, I use my lunch hour for unscheduled emergency trips to the vet. ...more

Straight But Not Narrow

OnePinky sister, Sara, recently wrote this testimony in honor of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month and I wanted to share it with you all: I like to say that I’m straight, but not narrow. I’m married to a man, but I can appreciate the curves of a woman just as much as I can the broad torso of a man. I might have a crush on Will Smith—but I’ve also had a little thing going for Rosario Dawson for a while (yes, Seven Pounds just made my entire year). ...more

Americans are in religious flux - new PEW Forum study

Gone are the days when religious affiliation was an identity assigned at birth. The PEW FORUM on American Religious Life just completed another major survey indicating some surprising changes in the American religious landscape. ...more

Garden Update 5

Garden Update 5 There weren't many huge changes this time around, everyone is getting taller and if I say so myself, more leggy, a problem I had last year that I thought if I caged them early I might avoid this year... ...more