Back to the Vet. Again.

Veterama The other day, maybe last week, I took a look at Doggers still open incision. I don't look at it as often as I should because an open incision no matter how pink is still an open incision. I don't think you should spend that much time looking them, it's bad for your eyes and your appetite. I looked at the incision because it was the day after the last day of her most recent course of antibiotics, we're seven weeks post op and she has been on antibiotics for five of them. ...more

Religious Feminists: Christine de Pizan & Anna Julia Cooper

A few weeks ago, I rummaged unexpectantly through the bargain book bins at Borders. I dug out a slim volume buried amidst rejected copies of chick lit and bad young adult novels. The cover was white with calligraphy in silver and light blue. Under the author (Christine de Pizan) and title (The City of Ladies), the cover reads, "Men who have slandered the opposite sex out of envy have usually known women who were cleverer and more virtuous than they are." I'd never heard of Christine de Pizan before. The back cover explains: ...more

Again, Friday!

Friday! I am a very bad person. think its more interesting to learn that Stephen Fry, a man I've never met, had a good meeting about audio-books and is planning dinner with friends, than the fact that a guy I've known since seventh grade ran 12 miles. I'm shallow and bad. I recognize that. Twitter is Facebook for people you don't know and will never meet. Twitter is Facebook for the very successful. It's also kind of neat challenge to try to be make sense when you only have 140 letters to do it in. ...more

Itchy and Scratching.

Theories I'm itchy. Itchy, itchy, itchy. I'm making myself kind of crazy here. I have four theories of why I am this way. ...more

Garden Update 3

Garden Update 3 ...more

Good Bugs and Bad Bugs

Big Cheese Just some quick hits because I had a meeting and didn't get home till later than I had expected. I want to know how I ended up on the Senate District Executive Committee and then, how did I rate being a voting member? Wow. The power of the Precinct Vice Chairmanship. ...more

Cute and Fuzzy killers

Red and Black all over I am learning things about my rubber mulch. I peeked under the edges and I found weeds! Little bitty weeds but weeds! I put the mulch down to prevent weeds and there they were! All weedy and nutrient sucking. They are little, tiny weeds, more like weedlets. They look like the tiny plants that sprout from bird seed but I was under the impression that the mulch was supposed to stop that. I guess its more about repression than complete suppression. ...more

The good and the bad

A Happy Customer is a return customer. Diana, I'm sorry but I can't replace one plant from the collection. A refund in the amount of $3.33 for the cost of the Tangerine Mama is being processed. ...more

Let the growing begin!

Ms. Green Jeans, 2009 My plants arrived! Yay! On Friday! Yay! As I was leaving town for the weekend... Boo! They did really seem to enjoy the road trip and were good travel companions. I spent Saturday looking at other peoples lovely old homes and their gorgeous gardens and then came back home and did an entire Saturday worth of work in two hours Sunday evening on my garden. In the beginning... ...more

How long is eventually?

Better than ... Dogger is doing better. Not great, not even particularly good but she's doing better. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say Monday she was at 1 and now she's at 3 1/2 . Not great but better. She has achieved laying down unaided but when she walks it is  like a very old person with severe arthritis and sore feet. It's not pretty. A very old person with severe arthritis and sore feet wearing an E-Collar- An E-Collar she thought she had seen the last of. I think along with her anti-inflammatories she could also use an antidepressant. ...more