The good and the bad

A Happy Customer is a return customer. Diana, I'm sorry but I can't replace one plant from the collection. A refund in the amount of $3.33 for the cost of the Tangerine Mama is being processed. ...more

Let the growing begin!

Ms. Green Jeans, 2009 My plants arrived! Yay! On Friday! Yay! As I was leaving town for the weekend... Boo! They did really seem to enjoy the road trip and were good travel companions. I spent Saturday looking at other peoples lovely old homes and their gorgeous gardens and then came back home and did an entire Saturday worth of work in two hours Sunday evening on my garden. In the beginning... ...more

How long is eventually?

Better than ... Dogger is doing better. Not great, not even particularly good but she's doing better. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say Monday she was at 1 and now she's at 3 1/2 . Not great but better. She has achieved laying down unaided but when she walks it is  like a very old person with severe arthritis and sore feet. It's not pretty. A very old person with severe arthritis and sore feet wearing an E-Collar- An E-Collar she thought she had seen the last of. I think along with her anti-inflammatories she could also use an antidepressant. ...more

Riders On The Storm

Last week, the National Organization for Marriage(NOM), a group with a self-declared "mission to protect  ...more

Marching on Three Feet.

Back to Life Damn. This week is going to suck, I mean last week was all about having Friday off and a three day weekend and four day week and that was just so great. This week? The knowledge that there isn't anther day off for another month. ...more

I joined the group and they are great! Thank you so much for handing along that tip, Dogger ...more

Contemplating Good Friday

The Cross casts a dim shadow on this day. A shadow ~ absence of light ~ has a meaning only in the context of light and contrast. When I find myself in the shadow of an object, I know that light shines beyond this object. If the object had any degree of translucence, the light would shine through it, diminishing the shadow. I spent the afternoon and evening contemplating and considering this today. I longed to explore this train of thought, this seed of inspiration. A seed for a blog post, I thought, to express the fruits of my contemplations of Good ...more

Easter - Resurrection, eggs, the bunny and lamb cakes

All around the global blogosphere, many people are buzzing with Easter plans. From cooking to creating eco-friendly Easter baskets, to teaching about the Resurrection, women are at the heart of Easter celebrations. ...more

Well, when I was a kid, I grabbed the butt!

~~ Contributing Editor, Mata H. also blogs right ...more

Semana Santa Sights

Even though Easter is not my holiday, I love love love looking through the Semana Santa -- Holy Week -- posts and photos every year at this time. The processions, the pageantry, the celebrations, it's my sincere hope to find myself curbside during the parades, preferrably in some Catholic/Spanish speaking nation at the height of this, stunned by the costumes and the somber weight of religion. Until then, I have to rely on luckier eyes than mine to see the sights. ...more

Rain or Shine

It's Friday! I don't what day it is where you are but where I am today feels a lot like Friday. It's feeling Friday here because North Carolina holds on to its past as a theocracy and since Friday is Good Friday, I and the rest of the State Employees have the day off. So today is my  Friday. Ha. ...more

Heal Dogger, Heal!

Another Tuesday I think Dogger walked a few halting steps on all four feet!! She was limping but she had weight on both hind legs. Of course, then she wanted to get where she was going and she was back to hopping . I prefer to think of it as warming up for her role in our Easter pageant. ...more