Sunnyside Up We finally scored a pretty weekend! And I despite the fact I had about six hours of Curb Appeal banked on my T-Faux, I actually went outside. Thanks to the many hours of CA I've been watching I started to notice how little of it my house has. It's cute, but not really appealing. I got up early  Saturday and mowed the yard, which helped, but not enough. ...more

Homeschooling Religion

Faith is very important to me.  I get a lot of peace and strength from my relationship with my Maker.  I'm not doing as well finding a church home, and that bothers me a little from a parenting perspective.  I want my daughter to understand my faith and my beliefs and be familiar with the Bible, but I also want her to be open-minded about the rest of the world. I can't seem to find a church that gives me everything I want.  They all seem to full of human beings, who are often motivated by things other than the Lord. ...more

I'm just not sure I believe in the organizations of man right now.

 I ...more

Charge the Archbishop with Attempted Murder

In Brazil, a nine year old girl who weighs 79 pounds and is under four feet tall was raped by her stepfather. She became pregnant with twins. The New York Times reported that medical treatment was sought after she complained of pain. Doctors at a state clinic 140 miles miles away from her home examined her and found that "the girl's uterus was was too small to support one baby, let alone two." They performed an abortion that saved her life. ...more

As I read this, I became more and more sickened. How can this man possibly think that saving ...more

Stressing Out

Post Operative Anxiety Hi, My name is Diana Hi Diana! My name is Diana and I am an over-protective Dog mommy. Let me explain, as we all know Dogger had surgery on Friday. Sur-ger-y. A surgeon cut into her leg and rooted around.  I've been a lucky girl, I've never had surgery and I have never lived with an incision. And? If I had,  there is a very good chance that the incision would be covered up! I would not be looking at the wound. The wound would be hidden from view. ...more


Tuesday Good Morning Children! How was your weekend? Mine was good. Mine was busy but good. I got my lawn mowed. I got to watched baby nephew join the Church and I got to watch Dogger take her first post-operative steps. All in all, a good time was had by all bipeds. Dogger, I would be willing to bet has had better weekends. She's more of a tri-ped at present. ...more

Bennie and the Hets

Last week, a Portuguese Roman Catholic Bishop by the name of Manuel Clemente said something that we don't often hear from high-ranking Catholics. Speaking to journalists, he said that people with AIDS must use condoms to prevent the spread of the disease. Condoms are "not only recommendable," he said, "they can be ethically obligatory." ...more

Well it's not going to kill you

I am totally confused. I was just trying to get my regular blog listed and I ended up here HELP!  ...more

Your blog is already listed in the directory - more


Giving Thanks Well that was exciting. I came in to work and there was no message from the vet and I was very sad. Just as I was leaving for lunch the vet called to tell me he was going to do it and he's only going to charge me $500! I was so happy I could hardly speak; first I find out that Dogger is actually going to get the surgery right away and then I find out I can afford it! I pulled it together enough to set up her appointment and thank him profusely. I think it was the first time I've taken a deep breath since Sunday afternoon. ...more

Evolution, Ann Margrock and Me

If you live in Texas and have children, you should think about filing this post under 'Why I should have my head examined." The rest of you should kiss the first archaeologist you see. ...more

I am by no means an expert in creationist science, but I believe creationists explain away ...more

Battle of the Wounded Knee

Ow I'm all alone in the office. Dogger is in her crate in the livingroom on mandatory total bed rest, Tiny, twenty four hour post-operative, is upstairs "resting" and "taking it easy". Neither is happy. I'm not really happy either. I want my  healthy, happy babies back. ...more