Filthy Lucre

Money I'm expecting my tax refund today. The feds will probably pay up but I may have to put a lean on the state. In years past I've used my refund for a new computer and another year I used to it pay for a doggy health emergency.  I know people with big plans for their refunds, home improvements, paying down bills. I am dreaming of something smaller and cheaper. ...more

Plant seeds of self doubt

Getting cold thumbs I'm pleased to announce that last years  garden hubris  (scroll down) survived the winter just fine and is greening up and is ready to get moved from its winter quarters in the yard  up to its summer place on the deck. It didn't do a whole lot last year other than to not die but I have high hopes for this year. I'm hoping for actual raspberries. Keep a good thought. ...more


The very funny folks at Everything is Terrible have created a montage of news clips from all over the country of people who have claimed that ...more

Food Issues

Food issues I went to Burger Yucky for lunch. I call it Burger Yucky for a reason, because their food is yucky. I don't like the food. Much, or I wouldn't have ended up there. But I was there. I was standing in line and looking at the menu, why? I knew what I wanted, a number nine meal plain and dry, onion rings instead of fries and a coke. Very simple. On the menu was something called The Angry Whopper ...more

Where can I go?

I've been a blogger now for nearly four years. However, I've been a Christian for longer. As a blogger and web designer, I spend a lot of time online. I do a lot of SEO work and dealing with social networking. For years I've been searching for a place to better explore my Christian lifestyle by meeting other Christians. ...more

Getting past it.

Happy Medium I'm not doing very well with my Lenten "Suck It Up So I don't have to Suck It In I'm-Going-To-Ride-My-Bike-Everyday-Twice-A-Day pledge. In my defense though, I failed to take into account temperatures that started at alarming and then hovered around offensive and I totally discounted the probability of snow. ...more

Baby Kitty

Hissssss I'm trying to do something I haven't done in a while. I am downloading music, legally, thankyouverymuch. I'm just not all that musical and I'm not interested in the scene. When I listen to the radio there is a pretty good chance I'm listening to Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me. The only place I hear new music is on Apple ads . ...more


Wednesday Hello! Well, where did the time go? Oh I know, It got wasted showing up to a mass precinct meeting and learning that my precinct chair had decided that our precinct was going to have its own meeting on a different date. I would have loved a call about that, I assumed he had called, as there was voice mail on my phone I hadn't checked. I checked. He didn't call. Love. Him. ...more

Old Turtle And The Broken Truth

My oldest daughter, Yuna, brought a book home from her school library the other day. It was called: Old Turtle And The Broken Truth I read it to her before bedtime and it turned out to be one of the most touching and beautiful children stories I have ever read. The pictures were breath taking and the story itself had me choked up while reading it. It was that good. ...more


Hey Folks! Our Fabulous teen group, MY FAITH ALOUD, has put together the first of many video blogs. This video is the first half of a blog on ten things faithful teens should do before having sex. CHECK IT OUT. SEND IT TO YOUR FRIENDS! ...more