Our Crazy Cat Couple Love Story

What do you think when you hear of a man living alone with a fluffy white kitten?  Where I’m from, most people would think it’s strange.  It’s crazy cat lady not lad.  However, when I saw this guy’s profile online for the first time, along with an insanely adorable photo of Saus, I knew I had to ask him out....more

How I Lost Love and Gained Life on my Wedding Day

Nick was waiting for me when I walked up.I grabbed both of his hands, leaned in close, and whispered. "Did you remember to feed the cat?"The cat had been the first thing I got for my first apartment on the first day I moved in: before I bought a bed or a set of dishes or any food for the fridge, I got Zeke. It’s official, I thought, curled up with the cat that night on the bedroom floor in the space where a bed would have gone if I had one. I’m growing up....more

Struggles and Tears

In the past week I have had to deal with:...more

How a Cat Helped Me Stay Sane

Any pet can help with mental health, really. But in my case, it was a cat.I was living alone after a bad breakup that had shattered me, mind and spirit. After moving twice, once from another state and once from an apartment complex after I lost the job that paid for it.I was damaged, and I was alone, in the upstairs of a small house in a small town. I asked my landlady if I could have a cat. She was dubious, but said yes....more

Cat Visits From Beyond

First of all, let me say that I don't believe in ghosts. I also don't believe that dreams predict the future.Still, when it comes to cats, spirits and dreams are definitely involved.Image via Pixabay...more

Cat Ladies Need a Rebrand!

 www.heartseverywhere.comI'm writing every day for 365 days....more

A Little Less of a Man

When Nora asked me why Yoda had to go to the vet, I stood at a parenting crossroad. He had an appointment to be neutered. Should I tell her? Should I dodge? Should I make something up?I decided to split the difference."She is going to make it so he can't have babies," I answered diplomatically."What do they do, though? To make them not be able to?"Goodness and mercy.I took a deep breath. "It is a surgery. They remove their testicles."...more

The Worms Crawl In, The Worms Crawl Out

You're petting your cat. She's sitting on your lap, occasionally stretching up to nose your face with affection. It's a major love fest with lots of squirming, pawing, head-butting, purring, drooling, and a sprinkling of love nips. She turns a couple of times and settles in on your lap while you watch Bates Motel....more
Try as I might (several different ways), I cannot get that video to appear in this post, but ...more

Happy Caturday! Brenna Meets Snow

When the harness comes out of the "Box of Doom," I know that something bad is about to happen. When Mommy and Daddy are both standing over me together, giggling between themselves as I walk sideways in my harness, I know that things are about to get even worse....more