Problems With Allergies

 My mom has the worst allergies EVER! Growing up and watching her deal with her allergies made me extremely grateful not to have them! Boy was I wrong! Who knew there was such a thing as late onset allergies?!...more

How To Tell If Your Cat is a Jerk

This post was originally posted on My Year in the Making on February 20th 2015Happy Friday everyone! For once I’m actually writing a post right before I publish it, which makes me feel excited and uneasy all at once (yes, Virginia, this is what my life has become.) But today I wanted to address a topic that many cat parents struggle with, and that is how to tell if your cat is a jerk....more

Book Review of Angelopolis & New Scratching Post

(Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post. Just sharing books & products that I enjoy!)...more

An Experiment With My Insanity – Dog Park

So, on Sunday I was super bored and Mr. Whiskers has had his period and been a real drag. Ok, I don’t know what’s wrong with this cat, sky the wrong colour? Windows have a fingerprint again? Cats wake up bitchy, plain and simple.Back to Sunday, I threw a pug costume on Mr. Whiskers and we went to the dog park. Mostly because I like looking like a jackass whenever I can. There is nothing funnier than tossing a cat dressed as a dog into a group of dogs.Are you expecting bloodshed? Nope, there is too much pandemonium with the dog owners....more

The Incredibly Cute Last-Minute Gift Guide for Cat Lovers

If you're like me, then you love cats and people who love cats. You also love cute things, and hate holiday shopping. Fortunately, I've done the footwork (paw work?) for you. These adorable kitty-themed gifts will arrive by Christmas if you order now—and if you've procrastinated to the very last minute, you can order some fun gift certificates to arrive via email. MEOW! ...more
That scarf and that comforter set!  WANT!!!more

Found Love in a Hopeless Place – Cat Cafe

So this weekend I headed over to the “Cat Café and Spa”, in hopes of meeting similar minded people who love the meow.My cat and I sat at a great table by the window, the views were fabulous. The cat was thrilled to be there, you could really see the joy in his face.The waitress came to take our order.The “Cat” special for the day was Filet Mignon or a Salmon Fillet. (This special includes a half hour cat massage and a cat facial)“Mr. Whiskers, do you want the Steak or Salmon?Tap your paw once for steak, twice for salmon....more

I Make Cat Toys

Nov 24 Ella the Cat and her Play Styles

Nov. 24  Ella’s Play TimeElla sits and stares at spots on the floor.  She’s waiting for something to move, something to pounce on and demolish. But then, Ella just isn’t really that kind of cat.  She’s delicate.  She’s as unaggressive as a cat has ever been.  Her idea of ‘attack’ entails rushing up to the object to be attacked, come to a sudden halt, swat gently at the item and give it a tiny sniff.  That’s it, but to her, it is all out war to the best of her nature and ability. ...more

Mr. Inky Mewster Reviews Purr-fect Cat Toys

When you're looking for the purr-fect pet toy, you could ask friends. But Samantha Bell of Best Friends Animal Society says that certain ones are the cat's meow. Among them are:...more

NaBloPoMo day 12: crazy cats, sleep gadgets & MOAR. COFFEE.

at this rate, my time will come probably at some point next week. i have never looked forward to anything more in my life. ever. goodbye, cruel, sleep-stealing world!...more