"At Peace" — Part 16 in the Series "My Right Eye: A Blogger's Journey Through Cancer"

At Peace And so the waiting. The pathologist was on vacation; it would be two weeks before I'd get the report on my eye. In the meantime, I was still going back and forth to the Clinic for post-operative appointments—both for my eye and for my thyroid surgery....more

I Just Want Her to Be Free

Most of my readers know I lost my sister in October. It was sudden after we all learned the extent of how sick she really was. (Including her)All people mourn in different ways. Some people hide their sorrow in a bottle or a glass of wine and others like myself dive into work and children to keep their mind going long enough to make it through the day. Often when my kids are in bed for the night I have my moments fueled by quiet, my thoughts and always a song that reminds me of her bright spirit....more
 @ShoreBookworm Thank you Marie... It really does help putting it in those terms. And I really ...more

Flash Fiction: A Spring Mourning

A beautiful Spring morning. An irrevocable reality. Can Monica endure the death of her image and lost pretense once her dark secrets are revealed?______________________________________...more
Oooh, chilling! Very well written.  Kudos to you!   Warmly, Isabelmore

Please Don't Tell Me "She Lived a Long Time"

My grandmother is ill. At nearly 98 years old, she has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and is now, as she puts it, "ready to leave the fair." I understand how she must be feeling - between the fatigue, the fear, the sadness and the general decline of her health, she has just had enough of this life. My only wish for her is that she dies before the cancer becomes too debilitating, so she can avoid as much pain as possible....more
 @Tweetsmom I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child, and my heart goes out to you. Thank you ...more

How the Deaths of High Schoolers affect High Schoolers

If you didn’t know how teens feel about other teens dying, you will now! “Lost Count: A Love Story.” This is more than I can say or relate. Their pain is more than I can bear. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVD-HsHoUNM&feature=share(Please copy and paste the link to your browser to see the film clip if link doesn't work.)This video clip was brought to my attention my Amelia M. Albanese, linked on Facebook.The needless death of any child is felt by all....more
 @SunbonnetSmart.com Thank you, Robin, for that deeply heartfelt comment. I appreciate your ...more

Homemade Marshmallows

Recipe and Post by Rachel Conners from Bakerita.com Access original post by clicking here....more

Goodbye Whitney Houston: "I Will Always Love You"

In 1992 Whitney Houston came out with the song I Will Always Love you, for her film debut “The Bodyguard.” And though I had already loved her as a singer, and was a big fan, her song, "The Greatest Love Of All," made a huge impact on me. That song showed the real power and capabilities of the voice she had. Such a range!...more
@elaineR.N. Me too. But his story is one I will use to share, telling my own children and ...more

Where Do Broken Hearts Go: Whitney Houston Dead at 48

Whitney Houston has passed away at the age of 48. The performer was pronounced dead just before 4pm today at the Beverly Hilton Hotel despite efforts to resuscitate her, according to an LAPD spokesman....more
The voice that was Whitney Houston. I will always love that voice.more

For the love of your spouse, your parents, your kid(s), GET A WILL!

"He had a terminal illness and he didn't tell you what his wishes were?  How is that possible?"...more

We Put The Fun In Dysfunctional

The inspiration for the first four Bloomers: Bud Inski, Rosey Posey, Silly Lilly, and Big Red. I found a letter I had written many years ago to Bobby with whom I had created our blended family. It's long - almost three pages, single-spaced, typewritten and personal so I won't regurgitate the whole thing here, but on a brighter note, it has given me blog fodder for months to come!...more